The solderless easy to construct and modify Orion Explorer robot 1 kit is a good start for any robotics project or fun. However - pair it with a bluetooth module and it becomes a robot you can drive from your phone or tablet!

The kit includes the standard Explorer 1 Robot platform with four wheel drive motors, wheels, Arduino (Uno R3 or Leonardo) compatible microcontroller, motor board and batteries. The whole assembly requires no soldering, cutting or drilling - only a screwdriver, computer and batteries are needed. It’s designed to be extended and tinkered with - to Explore electronics and robotics.

It uses the HC-06 bluetooth serial module - a simple device that allows sending serial data to and from the robot. This means you can add other sensors, and read those from it.

How to build this robot

How to install the Bluetooth Module and program it

Supported computers are Windows, Linux and OSX running the Arduino IDE.