So you’ve got an Explorer 1 Robot Kit, or another kit, and you are running out of the right kind of pins on the Arduino board or looking to start adding some other odd components to try something. You could start twisting wires together, but I think you’ll find this little Breadboard handy.

It requires no soldering at all - components just plug straight in! They are designed for prototyping, trying out things, and then pulling it up to do something else. This is handy for any kind of Microcontroller, electronic, robotics or sensor experimentation and allows you to assemble and reassemble through-hole components almost as easily as plastic bricks.

It is small enough to fit easily on the back, or underside of the Explorer 1 robot, and has a self adhesive pad underneath. It has slots so you can interlink the boards for larger projects. There are power rails making those connections easy.