by Danny Staple

Inspired by twitter user Jarkman, I decided to start making a mini portable robot toolkit.

Jarkman is a robot builder I’ve been following on twitter and met up with at EMFCamp. I’d seen his robot toolkit at and was inspired to make my own.

At EMFCamp he showed me the kit, and how he’d updated it. Other robot builders had some similar kits. Now I usually bring a small bundle of tools, but this was definitely the way to go.

This is my starting point. I’ll post more videos and pictures as I get it together.

Today is also Piwars 2022 - Old MacDoofus Had a Farm! Visit to see what the Raspberry Pi robotics community are up to in the UK. Some awesome challenges robotic agriculture.

I will be updating with more videos as I figure out more parts for it and fit them.